William Levine, Podiatrist, Can Make Your Feet Feel Better

November 23, 2018
Dr. William Levine, podiatrist

While he certainly he can treat all types of foot issues, a key specialty of Dr. William Levine as a podiatrist has come with his treatment of bunions through surgery techniques that he has perfected over the years. Bunions are a bony bump that usually forms on the side of the big toe and they are one of the most common foot ailments out there. There are a few some non-surgical treatments available for bunions, but Dr. Levine believes that, by the time the condition has progressed beyond the initial stages, surgery is usually the only effective treatment.

Dr. William Levine, podiatrist, has been treating people’s feet in private practice since 1993, so he has a ton of experience in his background. He is highly regarded in the field of podiatry. Dr. Levine is an Associate of the American Board of Podiatric Surgery, and he has been certified by the National Board of Podiatric Medical Examiners. In other words, he’s an activist and a specialist when it comes to the treatment of foot problems of all types.